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Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed, lives in New Delhi
Originally Answered: How do I get a girlfriend?

I’ll give you some tips, these are compiled by me in a stretch of 5 years (its legit) :

1. Go for the girl you think is out of your league, you'll surprise yourself.

2. The best relationships always come unexpectedly.

3. Never take your ex back, she tried to do better but now is settling with you.

4. Don't be too late! Propose when the attraction heat is on it's peak. Or else the attraction will decrease drastically leaving you in broken pieces.

5. Don't get too much attached too early.

6. First relationships rarely works.

7. But they are worth the experiences.

8. Don't go For the looks, cause it's the nature you have to deal with, later.

9. If she have a big attitude you got to have a bigger attitude.

10. Let her chase you. Be busy. Show her you have a life.

11. Good guys don't finish last. Boring guys do.

12. Girls find confidence sexy as hell!

13. Wise men listen and laugh, fools talk. So listen to her more and talk less.

14. It's okay if you don't have a good command on english, but please for god sake don't murder it just to impress her!

15. Don't be sad if she said no. There's plenty of fishes in the sea.

16. One girlfriend at a time is probably enough.

17. Be a gentlemen. But sometimes being a jerk is necessary too.

18. Don't act like a fucking desperate!! Have some self worth!

19. No means No!! NO MATTER WHAT you can't change her decision. Be happy. Don't give her the satisfaction that you're hurt!

20. Shyness is a liability in matter of girls.

21. Treat her like a queen.

22. But If she starts to rule on you, dump that bitch!

23. Don't lose yourself for her.

24. Crying will not bring her back. It's damn too good if you move on as early as possible.

25. It takes about 3 years to know each other completely. So don't plan your wedding in the first month itself!

26. "EXPECTATIONS." -This fucking thing hurts a lot. Stay away from it.

27. Ofcourse you have to pay for the dinner!

28. Breakups + Sad Songs = Depression Breakups + Rock Songs = C'mon a bee can hurt a lot more.!

29. Independent ones are a lot harder to handle.

30. Being a sucker all the time.? NOPE!!

31. If she's bitchy and you're the one who always says sorry then my friend you are losing your respect in front of her.

32. Treating her like a princess all the time is a recipe for disaster.

33. Girls get attracted to successful guys, so maybe now you know why you don't have a girlfriend.

34. “Happy Endings” only exist in movies and not in real life.

35. If she can't respect you, she won't love you.

36. When in doubt, always kiss the girl!

37. Your girlfriend !=! To your happiness, remember that.

38. Mysterious guys are the sexiest.

39. Learn to dominate bro.


Kazanova Chronicles:

I am a 40 years old male. I have slept with a lot of girls. Really a lot. Changed them like underwear. I, also, lost my virginity at 23. I started dating most of the women when I was around 30. Now I am happily married man with 2 children.

Majority of my life, I was a frustrated young man like you are. I had trouble finding and going out with girls. It took me many years to understand how to date women.

As a young man I was looking for this: meeting her and getting in love at the same time. So beautiful.. If you really meet that someone special, cherish her. But for the rest of us: keep reading.

I really believed in love at first sight. In high school I had a crush on a girl, but she was not interested, but like a blind person, I was still believing that one day i will get her. (i blame Hollywood for this). UPDATE. I still love her and chat with her, but we were never together.

So, my first and only lesson is, look at girls who are interested in you, not the other way around. If she is not interested, forget her.

Let me give you an example. Go to cafeteria and have a sit. You see the beauty on your right side talking on the phone. Sit and watch her. See how she behaves. Look if she glances at you or is giving a cold shoulder. If she is giving you a cold shoulder, you would know it immediately. Girls are good at that. All her body language is saying to you: I am not interested. You can forget her. You can follow her for many years, you will not be successful.

Now lets look to the left. There is another girl sitting to the left. She might not be as beautiful as the first one, but she is, also, super cute. Now, lets watch her. This one is definitely not giving a cold shoulder, but you are not sure if she is interested or not. This part is very subtle. It will take you some time to understand the clue. But once you mastered it, you will know immediately.

She is, also, playing with her phone. But she will look occasionally around. She might glance at you couple of times. This is the clue that she is reasonably interested. You will not get a stare, she will not tell you to come over to sit with you.

Get your lazy ass from the chair and go talk to her. Ask her for her number. You would be surprised , how easy would that be. At the beginning, I will give you a 50/50 chance to get a number. As you progress, you can get the number with a surprising ease. My best time, was sleeping with a girl within 30 min. I am dead serious. UPDATE. She was not drunk, or on drugs, and she was not desperate. She was really above average. Believe me, practice makes perfect…

When I look back at my younger self, I want to slap myself. I had so many opportunities to have a girlfriend or just sleep around. Like an idiot, I ignored the signs women were giving me. They were literally giving HUGE clues. They could write on their foreheads, I would have not been able to see. Since high school, at least 7–8 times girls were giving me a cue that they were interested. I DID NOT understand it. I remember thinking at that times, what does she want, hm..strange… And all these experiences are that I remember, I am sure there were more a lot more.

I hope you learn from my mistakes, and Happy hunting….

UPDATE: thank you all for reading and giving updates. Since its anonymous, I cannot give comments or reply your questions. I tried to update in relevant places. One important thing: whatever I wrote here, I didn't lie. Its all true. I dont have any reason to embellish my experiences. I wish somebody could sit me down and give this talk when I was 18.

Abhinav Dhiman
Abhinav Dhiman, former Expert in Relationships

Just as important as knowing what to do in flirting and dating situations is knowing what not to do. You can follow every piece of good advice you get about how to act around women, but if you just add those to your repertoire and don’t weed out things that are dragging you down, you’re not going to see much success.

Watch This Presentation For Deep Knowledge

1. Don’t talk in depth about past relationships
Mentioning your ex is okay if it’s applicable to the conversation but avoid getting into the past relationship conversation at all. Stay present! Do you want to hear about all her past lovers?! Neither does she!

2. Don’t avoid eye contact
Eye contact is the way humans connect. By avoiding eye contact, you are giving up one of the oldest signs of confidence and even dominance. This is primal stuff – evolutionary even. Looking her in the eye when you ask her questions and when she responds shows her that you are confident in yourself, that you’re truly interested in her and that you are a big enough man to engage emotionally.

3. Don’t keep your hands to yourself
While we’re taught that touching other people should only be done in intimate settings, friendly touch is a great way to portray confidence and connect with your prospective date. Keep it nice and platonic; rest assured that if you play it right, you’ll get to the sexual touching later. Shake her hand when you greet her. Touch her on the arm to point something out. Tap her on the shoulder to emphasis a punch line or a compliment.

4. Don’t devalue yourself
If you go into the situation believing she is too good for you, you’ve already lost the game. No matter how much you swagger, she’ll be able to sense that you are unsure of yourself and lack confidence. If you can’t even summon up the confidence and self worth to approach an attractive woman to ask her on a date, you need to be working on your self image, learning to appreciate and value who you are, and taking a break from the dating scene.

Watch the real thing for success

Anne Claude
Anne Claude, More limericks help make life easier.
Taran Tej's answer had some interesting insights but some of his ideas can backfire on you - they might actually attract girlfriends, instead of repel them.

First, here are my suggestions on how men can become repulsive to women:

1. Become reclusive and avoid all physical proximity to women. If women don't know you exist, they won't be your girlfriends. I know of several cases of men moving to desert islands or remote areas specifically to avoid social contact with women.

2. Become improverished or at least, dress and act that way. Poorer men are invisible to almost all women but this is not foolproof - I know of one woman who seeks out poorer men for affairs because she has some weird attraction to them, perhaps a humiliation fetish but I myself don't really understand her at all. However, most men know that women seek men for their resources and so, by having none, or seeming to, they avoid women's attention.

3. Be inattentive to women. Women crave men's attention as a source of validation. Even anger from a man is a source of attention that some women find validating and attractive: "He cares! He noticed me!" This is why most women cling to abusive relationships. If you are inattentive to women, even if they are initially interested in you, they will soon lose interest if you act as if women are as useless, boring and unremarkable  to you as a worm in the mud.

4. Be uncritical of women - accept her for what she is. This is an extreme turn-off to women - a woman wants a strong man who won't put up with her crap and gives her firm boundaries within which she can unleash her femininity. This "doormat" mentality can backfire in that it might tempt her to hang around until she has fully exhausted your resources and left you both broke and broken as a man.

5. Become a male feminist ally - A weak man who kowtows to women in everything is poison to us. That is why even feminists detest male feminists - women instinctively mistrust a simpering man as someone hiding ulterior motives or other unpleasant secrets. Again, this may backfire, since some feminists secretly desire male company and usually male feminists are the only men who can stand them.

6. Pretend that you are gay. Again, this can backfire - women fantasize about "converting" a gay man to straight as the ultimate sexual validation. Women love invading male spaces and making them their own, which is why women overrun gay clubs all the time, much to the consternation of actual gay men.

Bear in mind that women do not handle men's rejection well, and women will usually become confused, angry, violent and continuously vindictive if you deny them anything. Remember, there is a reason why lesbians experience more domestic violence than any other demographic - hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

There once was a lad from the boonies,
Who'd had all he wanted of poonies,
"They won't go away
Even when I say 'neigh,'
They just ride me and then get all spoony."
Prachi S
Prachi S, Relationship and me have never been in good relations

I am not an expert in this topic but since you asked let me try to fetch some data for you. You don't have much time you act and move fast.

  1. Find a spot or common hangout place where girls are frequent. Could be your office, gym or any other place.
  2. Change yourself be ready to talk to at least three new woman in a day and by talking I do not mean random hi and hello. Try to initiate an interesting conversation. Do not act desperate but be subtle with your moves. This step will help you in becoming confident and also popular among the ladies. The rule is if you find her attractive talk to her.
  3. Try to be helpful and useful to people around you as woman notice these things. Take care of your personal appearance. Good perfume will not make woman crazy but will make her notice your presence.
  4. Be the fun person but not the comedian of the group. Subtle compliments adds brownie points.
  5. Flirt to keep you outside of the friend zone.
  6. Do not make excuses and wait for the right auspicious time ask her out for date. A simple no cannot hurt your confidence but can make the lady rethink of her decision. If the result is positive initiate the second date and just be patient. One fine day after probably 5 dates your status is changed. Make it official !!

Fastest way to get a girlfriend credits to the points.

DONT rush into a relationship that fast.

Wait the time will come.

As stupid as that sounds its true, wait until a woman that is perfect for you comes along.

Dont just go to a club and ask every girl if she wants to date you.

IT WONT WORK.... trust me.... ive tried. just joking

No but really she will come

  • I wouldn't want a fake guy so first thing: be yourself.

Okay, start talking to them. Be friendly. Don't make it obvious you're interested in them but just point out the similarities you two have. Not like: "oh we like harry potter, taylor swift, and lil wayne" because that's insanely obvious. Make it less noticeable. Just small things.

After that, start talking to them on a regular basis so you become good friends. When that happens, start flirting. Chances are, one of these girls will already like you and accept an invitation on a date.

This can all happen fast or it can happen slow but either way: be yourself. I don't know how many times guys just try to show off what they're not really and girls end up going out with a guy they barely know.

  • Well clean yourself up a little and wink or smile at a girl, it seems cheezy and incapable of doing but even when the ugliest guys wink at me my heart melts at their confidence and courage. It's not everyday a girl meets a guy confidant enough to wink.

There are all i can think of.. meeting an attractive single(single elite), Giving yourself a chance to meet a better person, just try, here is the best answer to you!

Just take the risk, and only get a girlfriend for the good reasons. Not just to measure up to your family, make sure you really like her. Oh and be and my friends love witty guys, their the best to flirt with.

Good luck to u

A big round of applause for this straightforward question as this is the biggest issue in the life of a boy in INDIA!

So, I will tell you in detail:-

  • Keep your aims and life goals aside as they may cause a distraction to you and the girl. Having a focus on a girl is a most important aspect.
  • Try to talk with every girl as possible, you miss the chance because sometimes you may get thoughts of your career but believe me every effort towards the girls will give you a great future, not this thing called a career as there are many careers waiting for you but not the girls.
  • Start using your free time to make sure that you never miss even a single girl passing by you because maybe the girl you missed staring could've been your lover. Never ever try doing the same with your career and goals as if you do that thing maybe you get success in life.
  • Make a schedule that should include your chatting, movies with her, shopping on weekends. Remove the time wasting things such as thinking about a career, life goals, parents expectations, self-improvement etc because it may be distracted.
  • Give your best to impress the girls. Forget everything else and just try to attach yourself to her. there will be many times when you'll get Demotivated when you'll not get success in career but make sure you kept on trying on the girls to avoid this tiny thing like career.
  • You have been following girls by removing distractions like studies, aims, career goals etc.
  • Your parents have always dreamt of you as a playboy. Think about them what they will feel if they ever found you wasting your time on your career.

Just focus on the girls, think if you fail to get a girlfriend because of this shit called a career.

Thank me later when you get girlfrnd and give her friends my contact number..:D

Tushar Jain

Jullie Boarn
Jullie Boarn, BA from Fashion and Style

Want a girlfriend, fast! this is the way to follow. Regardless of who you are, any man can have a woman. What you need to know and apply is the fastest way to get a girlfriend method. Some men have no trouble at all to find a girlfriend, while others only struggle. I am going to tell you the about the fastest way to get a girlfriend. Because every man deserves to.

A word of caution; not every “girlfriend” you get is going to be “the one” for you; just like anything else in life, it takes time to find the things which truly fit your desires. This being said, “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” method will work for you and it will get you a “girlfriend” before you know it.

Before we start, I will need you to promise me two things, otherwise you might just as well skip this:

  1. You will follow the directions I recommend.
  2. You will stop acting shitless, like you have in the past and do what you need to do.

As you might have noticed, this is not about “getting a girlfriend” but “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” meaning that you have to move fast and act fast. Do as I say, and you will have a girlfriend [if not more] within one week.

Step 1: Find the Hot spots

In order for you to find a girl, you will need to know where pretty women hang out. This could be your office [I discourage this on the universal motto of “Don’t shit where you eat], the gym, public transport stations, festivals, busy shopping mall and so on. Often this is different for each city and country. Find places where the flow of women is high.

Step 2: Kill the old you.
If you want to change and make a difference to your life, be prepared to leave the old you behind. Because from this day onwards, you are going to talk to at least ten women each day. I do not care if they are pretty or not, you will need to talk to at least ten women each day. If you think that life will be easier when you approach only the less pretty women, then keep in mind that you will harvest what you sow. In other words; you will end up with an ugly girlfriend.

You have to talk to at least ten women a day! Do not forget that. Also keep in mind that “talk” is more than just “good morning” and “Sorry”. So try asking for directions, Pretend that you are from another town and ask for tips, Tell her that she has a nice style and ask for shopping tips, Ask her about cool things to do in town. The essence here is to start a conversation.

Step 3: Women are a Numbers Game
Life is a bit about mathematics really; a game of chances where the outcome is always related to the input. Even though the relation between input and outcome varies among people and situations, it is ever present. What does this mean? Some guys might get 1 out of every 10 women they approach. And you may only get one out of every 1000! In either case, there is no man who always has a 100% success rate.

Where do we stand so far? you have spent the last three days talking to at least ten women a day. This means that by now you know thirty names of different women with and a little about their background. This could be more than all the women you have known in your entire life. And if you truly follow this tip, you will also realise the power of simply taking action.

Step 4: HOMERUN – The fastest way to get a girlfriend
You have now changed your life and taken a step forward by talking to more women and actively seeking activities which attract pretty women.
All these women you talk to, when you finish the conversation, you will need to do at least one of these three things:

  1. Ask her to meet the next day [or even that same day] for a coffee.
  2. Ask for her contact details, because you would like to keep in touch.
  3. If the first two failed, say goodbye. There is no need to hang around dead fish. You are either fishing for dangerous sharks or nothing at all.

From here on it is easy; when the girl agrees to your date, make sure you impress her and take her home. There are plenty tips on this topic you can read on MansDrive. Once a woman agrees to a date, you are already half way.

Should she have given you only her number, then drop a simple line like “Hey, it was nice to meet you, lets have a drink”. She will either agree, suggest a different time or come up with some silly excuse. In the latter case, forget her.

Do not say silly things like “Hey if you have time, lets meet”. You are the boss of the situation, so you give her an option to accept or reject, nothing more nothing less. Do not make yourself an option who she calls when she is bored.

Keep repeating this until you have found yourself a girlfriend [or more]. A week is a long time. At least ten women a day, equals seventy a week! Now, you must be pretty messed up in your head and body to fail at this “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” method.

Getting the right woman in your life might require you to meet five hundred women. But in reality, this number is much lower. Most men do not even meet ten women in their entire life!

Enough said; forget your chicken shit behaviour and act like a man. I can not do this for you. If I did, no women would be left for my other comrades out there. You are probably a good guy with a good heart but woman cannot see that if you stay in your room. So go out there, find the spotlight and stand under it, so all women can notice you

If you do the above, you have a hundred percent guarantee to succeed. Your chances in life must be crooked or God’s must dislike you pretty bad for this not to work. I am sure that many so-called Pick up Artists will tell you plenty of nonsense. In reality, women like to find a nice guy just as much as a nice guy likes to have a nice woman. But these things will not fall in your lap; you have to go out there and actively get involved. That is the secret to the fastest way to get a girlfriend; simple as that!

Know that, nothing in life worth having will come easily. You have to walk,climb, fly and maybe even swim to it.
And when you have found that you must do everything you can go keep it.

Hope this helps you.

Charles Smith
Charles Smith, Owner at BeingMyself (2017-present)
Originally Answered: How do I make girlfriends?

Alright, here is the secret recipe on how to make your girlfriend(s) Please also keep in mind one cannot remove the “jealousy” factor if there’s more than one, I highly do not recommend it!

  1. 5 cups of lavender oil
  2. 20 kilograms of coconut oil
  3. 29 spoons of pumpkin spice
  4. 15 of your tears
  5. 4 days of watching Netflix
  6. 1 million hours of calling to the How to make a Girlfriend help center
  7. Another 1 billion hours of texting How to make a Girlfriend help center
  8. Half of your heart
  9. 17 slices of the pizza you want your girlfriend to like
  10. As many tacos or ice cream as you can afford

Now, here come’s step two! Aka brewing the “girlfriend”

  1. Get all of the items you aquired
  2. Put the 20 kilograms of coconut oil into the cauldron, heat to 500 F
  3. Put the 5 cups of lavender oil in
  4. Follow that with your 29 spoons of pumpkin spice
  5. Now add in your 4 days of watching Neftlix, 1 million hours of calling, 1 billion hours of texting in very very slowly
  6. Put the tacos and/or ice cream in with the 17 slices of pizza
  7. Add in half of your heart with 15 of your tears
  8. Add in some extra items to increase chances (Anything you feel you want your girlfriend to like, aka you’re Xbox and so on…)

Step 3! *Whoof* Almost there, here is the incantation

  1. Warning, this is a tricky one, you’ll want to write something purely out of your heart, what feels right.
  2. Prepare mentally to fail, as you stand a decent chance unless there’s reflections already that read “I think I like you” Or very flirty things then you have a better chance.
  3. Finally, sing your charm… and wait to see if your cauldron starts chasing you, does nothing, boils away, or turns into your girlfriend (Please note that I don’t hold for any injuries caused by this)

If it worked, vuala you’re girlfriend has appeared! (Gives you a warm hug and then the process of working your girlfriend into a wife beings)

If she didn’t arise and the cauldron chased you or the liquids evaporated or any of the things that didn’t equal to one, gather new ingredients to experiment for a new one, unless you really want that specific one I’d say experiment a little bit and so on, but be careful too much and it’s impossible to summon that specific one!

ALSO! If your route is to get multiple “girlfriend” I don’t condone nor will help in the path to making multiple girlfriends, as you’ll probably end up with a case of mad woman chasing you with a knife or getting slapped by all of them and well, maybe more and it won’t be pretty.

See that? Imagine the number of “girlfriend” you have made attacking you, slapping you like that, and possibly kicking you, stabbing you (Both with words and their knifes) isn’t pretty, Ouch! So please don’t…

Besides the joke here’s all I know…

  1. Talk to her
  2. Get to know her
  3. See if you really want to be with her
  4. Ask a question or two your curious about to their friends
  5. Show interest, see reaction, based on that proceed to next step if it goes badly repeat all of above.
  6. Ask her out in a clever way, and vuala!
  7. You then have yourself a girlfriend! Now keeping her and making her a wife or whatever you’re wanting is a different story I won’t help on since I’m no expert there.
Franklin Veaux
Franklin Veaux, co-author of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory

I have many girlfriends, and always have. I've never been in a monogamous relationship. (I mean that literally; I took two partners to my high school prom.)

One could write a book about how to do this[1], but the tl;dr version is:

Forget the tropes. You don't need to be rich (I'm not). You don't need to be good-looking (I'm not). You don't need to drive a sexy car (I don't). You don't need to be buff (I'm not). You don't need to be famous (I've been polyamorous since long before I started writing about it).

What you need is less substantial than money or cars. What you need is confidence, kindness, personal security, communication skills, and social skills.

You also need—and this is such a fundamental thing it often goes unnoticed—you also need to choose partners who are okay with non-monogamy. You will not long succeed in having multiple girlfriends if you choose girlfriends who are not okay with you having multiple girlfriends.

So, here's what you do:

  • Develop confidence and positive self-esteem.
  • Develop personal security. When you have insecurities, and you will, do not try to resolve them by controlling your partners. Understand that anyone you date is a person, and people have autonomy. If you want healthy relationships, you do not deal with your own emotions by telling other people what they can and can't do.
  • Develop a sex-positive mindset. Do not judge or shame people for their sexual or relationship choices with other consenting adults.
  • Cultivate social skills.
  • Be direct and open about what you want. Do not be scared of talking about wanting non-monogamy because you're worried about scaring potential partners away. I cannot emphasize this enough: If you do not want monogamy, you want to scare away folks who aren't okay with that. You are not compatible.
  • Develop a mindset of abundance. Opportunities for love and connection are all around you. If you start from the belief that opportunities are rare, you will come across as desperate, and you may make poor choices with people who aren't compatible with you.
  • Find a polyamory community—a group of people who also want non-monogamy. If you can't find one, start one!
  • Keep in mind—and again, this is so basic it should go without saying—that women who are okay with you having multiple partners, probably also want multiple partners. If you want to have many girlfriends but expect them all to be monogamous with you: ha ha ha ha no. Good luck with that. Be sure to let us know how your harem-building wank fantasy works out. :)

Basically, it's not that different from having one girlfriend: you develop social skills, you be clear up front about what you want, you choose compatible partners who want the same thing.

[1] In fact, one of my girlfriends and I did! It's called More Than Two.

Quora User
Quora User, Realistic romantist.
Ten Failproof Tips For The Female Magnets Who Don't Want a Girlfriend

  1. Choose the most unflattering outfit you have and wear it.  Every. Single. Day.  Even better if your clothes are 2 times too big, have tears, holes, and cat hair all over them.
  2. Do not shower more than once a month.  Greasy hair, dandruff, and funky body smells are natural women repellents.
  3. Try to mention your mother in every single sentence uttered to the opposite sex.  Bonus points if you refer to your mother as "mommy".
  4. Pretend to hold the door open for women and slam it in their face at the very last moment.  Run away gleefully.  Repeat at every given opportunity.
  5. Make blatantly sexist comments such as "women are only good for making sandwiches" and "all women suck at driving".  The more the merrier.
  6. Invite a girl you think likes you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Order the most expensive items on the menu and stuff yourself to oblivion.  When the check comes around stare blankly at your date until she realizes she has to pay.
  7. Ask girls any of the following: "Did you get fatter?" "Are you PMSing?" "Did you get that dress at a homeless shelter?"
  8. When meeting a new woman, say "Let me guess your age".  Even if they refuse continue anyways and add 15 years to the age you think they are.  Act sincerely surprised when they tell you their real age.
  9. Carry around a small hand-held mirror and check yourself out every 5 minutes, all while flipping your hair and staring into the mirror seductively with duck lips.  Make sure women see you doing this.
  10. Refer to serial rapists and killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy as your personal heroes and inspiration.

On the other hand, don't do any of the above if you want a girlfriend or even just a girl friend.

If you follow tips 1 to 10 to a tee and still somehow end up with a girlfriend, all I can say is love is blind.
Originally Answered: How do I get a girlfriend?

Actually,you don’t need warry.You will find someone who understand you,and fall in love with you.There is some advice that I want share with you.


Stop trying to get a girlfriend. The first step to getting a girlfriend is to stop trying. Find a girl,talk to her.If It’s hard for you.You even can try some dating website,such as MM,flirt and so on.Trying to practice talk to girls.If you think someone you know is charming,you can ask her out to have coffee.


Make her notice you. Wear items of clothing and jewellery that attract women and start conversations. Leather jackets, jewellery and tailored suits are a great place to start. You could even go as far as getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted


Get ready to approach her. Before you approach her get rid of any other excuses that are stopping you in your tracks, for example, assuming she won’t be interested in you if nver find a girlfriend.

It’s no use talking to her, she won’t be interested in me” = “I should go talk to her she looks bored”

“She’s out of my league” = “I wonder if she’s cool enough to hang out with?”


Give her a genuine compliment. Tell her exactly why you approached her and be as specific if you can. Use the first think you noticed about her that attracted you. Perhaps it’s her her cute smile, her dimples, or if you see her a lot maybe this time her hair is tied back for the first time.


Tease her. Teasing is the easiest way to create sexual tension between you and a girl you like. Start teasing girls on a regular basis.For example, if a girl says she likes cats you can say “Wait…you’re a cat lady? How many cats do you have? If it’s more than 9 we’re not gonna work out”.

In the split second it takes for her to realise you’re just teasing (and not insulting her) she experiences a massive feeling of euphoric relief. That feeling is usually accompanied by laughter and maybe even a punch on the arm for you if you’re lucky .

Anyway,Just be confidence,be nice,be romantic.she is on her way to meet you,what you need do is patient.

Manish Yadav
Manish Yadav, Studied many books and theories.
Originally Answered: How can I make a girlfriend?

Before making girlfriend you should atleast know about their choices.

There is a great deal of perplexity and secret when the subject of what ladies need emerges. Most men feel that ladies are so particularly complicated that understanding what they need is nearly impossible. That isn't really the case. Without a doubt, in most cases, it’s quite easy.
Ladies, similar to men, contrast from each other. There are, in any case, a few things that are basic among them.

In the event that you are wondering what those things are, take a look at out this accessible guide on what women want in a man.

1. Respect


Girls need to be respected.
That is real for the majority on the earth, but girls have expressed that they often experience less reputable through their partners than they would really like to be. It's far viable that, as guys, we forget about that the honor women are referring to is larger than displaying good manners of their presence.
Ladies and men are intellectually identical and just as successful as each other at maximum obligations. But, as men, we regularly attempt to take over, manage or push aside their contributions no longer simply in the place of job but in relationships, too.
A good rule of thumb is to don't forget the respect you would love after which display that equal degree of admire to the ladies to your life.

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2. Acceptance

We as a whole want this, isn't that right?

Ladies feel a lot of strain to fit whether it includes their appearance or conduct. The open mystery is that they don't that way.

The lady in your life has imperfections. For whatever length of time that they are not inconvenient to her wellbeing, security or your relationship, endeavor to acknowledge her the way she is. As much as men blame ladies for endeavoring to transform them, men can be similarly as terrible.

I am certain you would prefer not to always be advised to change, so don't do that to her.

3. Honesty

Honesty is going hand-in-hand with admire and is a non-negotiable in a wholesome dating. exercise admire to your companion via being sincere all the time.

She is a grown-up and if she asks you a query, whether or not it's far approximately her appearance, behavior, or whatever else – be honest along with her.

4. Attention

A maximum number of girls like attention. So, make it a habit to work on touching, hugging, and speaking up approximately the little things that took place throughout the day. These things can help keep you associated with your partner.

Take word that it’s perfectly quality to ask for the same things even if you’re a man.

5. Fun

When you stop to consider why individuals get into a relationship, you'll likely consider love, children or developing old together. However, in case you virtually do not forget it, you start a dating due to the fact you have got a laugh with the alternative person.

Some thing about being together makes you glad and that genuinely in no way changes. Young girls and ladies truly would like to have a fabulous time.

6. Sex and Romance

Yes, you heard right. Girls need intercourse, as well.

In any case, don’t neglect the romance. In spite of the fact that ladies can be similarly as visual and similarly as physically persuaded to engage in sexual relations as men, they think of it as an individual affair related with affection. This makes fusing sentiment into the condition an urgent piece to keeping your sexual coexistence dynamic.

Romance can remain solitary. It doesn't generally need to prompt sex. As such, don't hope to hit the sheets each time you bring home a bouquet of flowers.

I hope you guys liked this and you get a little bit of idea of what women want in a man. And if you want any other information related to it, then please feel free to contact us.

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Leeman Cheng (鄭禮民)
Leeman Cheng (鄭禮民), 2nd gen Canadian, Husband, Son, Cat in a past life. Meow.
Originally Answered: How do I get a girlfriend?

“A girlfriend” isn’t something you get. They are not items or products to be bought or taken. You don’t go to some aisle at a store or a warehouse to ‘get’ this person. “A girlfriend” isn’t a random female from a herd of other females.

They are individuals. They are human beings like you.

So, stop freakin treating “a girlfriend” like a thing to be taken and treat it as though you’re trying to get to know a specific person.


  • I really like Ranka. I think she’s very charming and witty. I wonder what sort of things I can say to her, perhaps even ask her to an event.
  • I really like Sarah. I think her willingness to help her grandparents in hard times is admirable, even when she doesn’t have much. Perhaps, I can talk to her about charities and food drives one day.
  • I really like Lynn. I think she’s an amazing artist. Perhaps we can go to the music festival together.


  • I like girls. Boobies. Oh, I like girls. Must get girlfriend cuz boobies.
  • I want a girlfriend. Which store and aisle is it at?
  • I want a girl, because I am horny.
  • I want a girlfriend because everyone else has girls and I am missing out on girls and girly things.
  • Herp, derp, hurr, durr, Burp.
Bisheswar Karmakar
Bisheswar Karmakar, Have loved and lost, but still believe in it...

I'm gonna pretend you didn't use the word 'fast' here. Otherwise it seems pretty stupid!
If you want a girlfriend, start making changes to your life. That doesn't mean you have to change the person you are, just start making yourself socially available. If you don't have a group to hang out with, rely on a few close and good friends and state the fact that you're game for hanging out. Also, make improvements in your personality that makes you socially acceptable and makes your company enjoyable. This is never a one step process; it takes time to gradually change over time and improve yourself.
Learn to accept rejection. There are millions of girls out there, and everyone has their own 'type' that they find likeable. It may take you days to find the right person, or years. Be patient. This cannot be done 'fast' unless you're desperate to show-off that you finally have a girlfriend, only to realize later that you entered into a relationship with the wrong person, who doesn't match your 'type'. And it finally becomes a mess.
Accept criticism openly and improve on those. Be open to suggestions. Just as you are getting guidelines, suggestions here on Quora, a more effective way may be your friends or family who know you well and thus can help you minimize those negative traits that you have, or other things that you already have a knack for and can help you become admirable, but you don't realize that yet. Again, this doesn't change the person that you are, its just a way to improve on your former self.

Hope this helps... :)

Quora User
Quora User, Had a few relationships
She has a boyfriend, and you need to respect that. Think about it this way, if you had a girlfriend, how would you feel about having another guy try to "make" her his girlfriend? And why would you want a girlfriend who could be lured away from her current boyfriend?  Isn't that a bad sign for your future?

More importantly, she said no.  That should be the end of things.  She gets to refuse for whatever reason, valid or invalid, just like a guy does. 

I know rejection sucks, and I know that emotions can be super intense.  It is something you need to learn to deal with though.  Almost everyone has had someone we think is absolutely perfect, and that person has turned us down.  Well, they might we awesome, but they didn't have the most important thing to making a relationship work with you: mutual attraction.

Secondly, while I know it feels like love, it's not.  You don't know her well enough to be in love with her.  You don't know her well enough to even know if she lives up to the expectation you've built in your head.  What you're feeling is Limerence.  It doesn't make it easier, I know, because every fiber of your being is shouting "THIS IS LOVE" at full volume.  But do try to be aware of that.  It can help in the moving on process.
Isha Lapasia
Isha Lapasia, Assistant Manager at Andromeda Marketing

There is no rule book aur process that you have to follow in order to find a girlfriend. But not sounding so desperate will surely help… I m listing a few tips which might help you ..

  • FOCUS ON GROOMING YOURSELF - every girl likes a well dressed, neat looking guy. Work on your dressing sense, your hair and your body.. Afterall first impression is the last impression..
  • IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSATION SKILLS - Talk slowly, dont rush into a conversation. Give compliments and use the right kind of words. Always have a meaningful talk at the starting rather than complaining about the surroundings and bitching..
  • BE MORE SOCIAL - Improve your social life, meet more people and the right kind of people…
  • DONT LOOK AT EVERY GIRL LIKE YOU WANT HER - Never ever show your desperation in front of any girl as it is a major turn off.. And dont look at every girl as a prospective girlfriend…
  • LET DESTINY PLAY IT’S GAME - However hard you try, you will end up with the right person only when you are destined to and when the time is right…

Thanks for the A2A …

Guru (ਅਜੀਬ ਮਨੁ਼ੱਖ)
Guru (ਅਜੀਬ ਮਨੁ਼ੱਖ), Assistant Manager at Wipro (2015-present)
Originally Answered: How do I get a girlfriend?

Just Ask Her!!!!

Yes you heard it right.

The biggest problem of boys, is that, “They are Too shy to ask a Girl out or be Friends”.

Even I was one them, and Now i regret that.

You should have enough confidence to approach a girl/your crush, may be she is also waiting for you to ask her out. (Girls really like bold guys, who can ask her out publicly, but if she rejects you, never bother her again.)

The Biggest fear among guys is of “Rejection”.
So, if you are ready to have a Girlfriend, then why not, accept the Rejection. There will some rejection/failures, but Chances are 50%, so “Just Do It” & “Never Give Up”. If a girl rejects you, never bother her again and move on, try on another one, but be respectful, as girls are not object, but Human Being just like you and me.

(Note: this post mean no harm to girl’s self respect. I respect girls a lot.)

From my experience, getting a girlfriend fast means rushing into asking a girl out be it a friend, a colleague or classmate. I strongly advice against this. I think you should be asking how do you make the odds of you getting a girlfriend in your favor.

That begins with taking things slow. So let's say you're eyeing a girl. You like her and she seems to like you. You can always tell through subtle signals, does she pay you special attention when you talk, etc…

So now that you've got a candidate. Don't ask her out immediately. That's a mistake most guys make. Instead get to know her first, and let her know you. But for the love of everything holy don't make it a friendship. Avoid being in the friend zone. Don't be shy to reject being labelled as her friend or bro in a nice way ofc.

Then when you feel the time is right, ask her out. Don't make a big deal out of it when you ask. Be casual about it, “are you free this Saturday?” “Wanna go out? I know this nice place…..” if she says yes, then awesome you're on the right path. And ofc take her to somewhere couples and married go to, not Chuck e cheese.

If she enjoys it, you'll know it. And even if it doesn't go well, that's okay. It doesn't mean that's the end of it. Shortly afterwards, with you two spending plenty of time together. It won't be long before you put a bow on it. Again, it's all about waiting for the right moment. Don't rush into things just because you really like her. That tends to push girls away. This is ofc just my own POV, good luck my dude.

Nikhil Dadhich
Nikhil Dadhich, studied at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology

I can give you a great advice that will give you whatever you want in a very short time.

You can do it in the 7 steps that I am writing below. But you must promise that you will have complete faith in these steps and will follow whatever I say..



  1. Go to the mirror in your house.
  2. Stand as close to it as possible.
  3. Now look at what you see in the mirror.
  4. Keep looking.
  5. With a little love.
  6. A little bit more lovingly.
  7. Ahh! You are looking at the love of your life in that mirror. Pamper and keep this person very very very Happy as this is the only thing that matters.
  8. Repeat the above 7 steps.
  9. If it still doesn't work, earn, become filthy rich, follow your passion, help people in need & society. Baaki sab moh Maya h(Everything els is nothing but illusion).

I hope I helped you in getting what you need.


Until next time,

Nikhil Dadhich.